Nutrafarms OJHL Championship Series

The top eight team in both the OJHL South-East and OJHL North-West conferences qualify for 2024-25 OJHL playoffs and the chance to win the Buckland Cup during the OJHL Championship Series:

Round 1: 1st plays 8th, 2nd plays 7th, 3rd plays 6th and 4th plays 5th in each conference.

Round 2: Within each conference, the top seed plays the lowest advancing seed. The second and third highest seeds meet in the other OJHL quarterfinals/conference semifinals.

Round 3: The two remaining team in each conference meet for the conference championships.

Winners of each conference meet in the OJHL Championship Series for the Frank L. Buckland Cup.

All series are best-of-seven.

The Buckland Cup champions advance to the Centennial Cup, May 8-18, 2024.


OJHL Tiebreaker

Section 3. Final Standings (Tiebreaker)

To determine final regular season standings when Teams have equal points, the following system will apply. The Team awarded with the higher placing when tied with another shall be the Team with:

(a) the most wins (including regulation & overtime). If wins are tied,
(b) best record versus the Team tied with. If records are equal,
(c) goal average, the formula is: goals for plus goals against divided into the goals for, and expressed as a percent. The higher percentage with be the team with the higher standing.

Where more than two teams tie, the following determinants will decide the higher standing Team:

(a) the most wins (including regulation and overtime). If wins are tied,
(b) goal average as in 3 (c) above.

To determine the final standings where teams have equal points for the final play-off position, and
only one of the teams gain a play-off position, the following shall apply:

(a) The teams will play a sudden victory game at a time and place agreed between the teams.
(b) The OJHL’s decision in any dispute is final.
(c) There shall be a split gate following normal expenses for ice time, Officials, and visiting team
transportation only.

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